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Custom glass can make a beautiful addition to any residential space. It’s a simple and elegant way to put your personal touch on every element of your home’s design. Keep reading to learn nine of the best places to install custom glass in your home for a unique and elegant interior.

1. Over Wood Furniture

Glass overlays can breathe new life into your favourite wood furnishings. Adding a layer of glass is also a great way to protect antiques from wear and scratches that could damage the surface.

2. As Shelving

Glass shelving provides a light and elegant way to store and showcase your belongings. Glass shelves are also the perfect addition to any room where moisture is an issue because glass is easy to keep clean and completely mould resistant.

3. Custom Mirrors

Adding a custom mirror to your home can make any room seem bigger, brighter and more modern. And with custom mirrors, you can create a design perfectly tailored to your needs.

4. Patio Doors

Make a statement with a set of beautiful glass patio doors. Or replace existing patio doors for improved noise reduction and energy efficiency.

5. In the Dining Room

What could be more elegant than a set of French doors in the dining room. French doors add sophistication and class to any room and there are many different decorative glass finishes to choose from so you can put your personal stamp on the design.

6. Front Entryway

Surround your front door with a custom glass design that will both fill your home with light and allow you to see who’s knocking on your door.

7. In the Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa with glass mosaic tiles or frameless mirrors or glass shower doors. Glass makes a beautiful addition to the bathroom and it’s easy to maintain!

8. In the Kitchen

Glass mosaic tiles are a great choice for a stunning backsplash. They’re easy to keep clean and are a beautiful design element to add to your kitchen space. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find something you’ll love.

9. Around the Hearth

Glass makes a beautiful accent to your home’s fireplace. Not only will it create a striking visual that’s sure to impress your guests but it can also help to radiate heat and light throughout the room. Visit Suburban Glass & Mirror today to get started on one of these great design ideas or visit us today for more inspiration. We can create custom solutions for all your home glass and mirror needs. Contact us today for more information.






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