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Glass shower doors keep the water inside your shower and tub, shielding the bathroom floor from being wet. It is also an elegant addition to your bathroom, which makes it important to replace them when the glass seems damaged or foggy. Frameless shower doors are a great option for such requirements because they are customizable. Suburban Glass & Mirror Limited has been providing a variety of glass products and services in Toronto and the Durham area for over 50 years. Choose us if you are in need of specialty glass installation and design.

The signs to look out for while considering shower door replacement are: Chips or cracks in the door Your shower door can be subject to chips, cracks and even breakage as the bathroom is one of the most frequented areas of your home. This is very dangerous as damaged glass panels can cause injuries to you and your family members. Water pooling outside the shower Shower doors keep the rest of the bathroom dry when you shower; water can damage the floor over time and make it slippery. So, if you see water pooling outside the shower doors, get them replaced immediately. Your current door may be too big or small for the enclosure, meaning it doesn’t open or close properly. This results in water from the shower accumulating on the floor outside. Stains and discolouration With constant exposure of water, there are high chances of fungal growth on shower doors. The fungus spores combine with soap scum, resulting in permanent discolouration of your shower door. Hard water and heavy minerals can also lead to permanent stains. Damage or rust on the framing Your shower door includes frames, hinges and tracks which can rust easily with constant exposure to moisture. If left untreated, the rust build-up can loosen the entire frame until it can’t support the weight of the glass structure. The glass can break from the frame and lie scattered on the floor. Your glass is non-tempered As per construction regulations, it is critical to use tempered glass for bathroom fixtures. This is because if tempered glass shatters, it can break into lots of small pieces rather than big ones. Suburban Glass & Mirror Limited is your one-stop-shop for frameless shower doors at your home or business premises. Contact us for customized glass designs today.







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