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Screen Door

A residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada. Statistics show the majority of these break-ins are by amateur criminals. You might not think it, but a locking screen door is an effective way to protect your family from many hazards. Read on to learn more about how screen doors keep you and your family safe.

THEFT PROTECTION Most thieves don't carry sophisticated tools. They look for an easy entry and exit. A locking screen door provides an extra barrier. Locks of all types are available for your screen door. The doors are also manufactured with reinforced screens and/or shatterproof glass for extra security. AIR CIRCULATION A patio screen door is a great way to get fresh air in your home. Outdoor air has many health benefits for you and your family. Fresh air helps to increase your energy levels. It also has been shown to reduce your stress levels and risks for diseases like Type 2 diabetes. A sliding screen door for your patio or porch will give you a wide-open space to let in the fresh air. PREVENTS BUG INFESTATION Getting fresh air inside your home means keeping your doors open. Keeping your doors open to the elements means anything outside can come inside. A retractable screen door lets the air in and keeps the bugs out. PROTECTS YOUR ENTRY You take pride in your front door. Its appearance is important to your home's curb appeal. Excess sunlight causes your front door to fade and warp. A warped front door looks unattractive. A warped and weakened front door is also a security hazard. A new screen door protects your entry from the sun's damaging rays and keeps your family safe. EXTRA INSULATION Your doors are a major source of air leakage. These air leaks let the cold, winter air into your home. This cold air causes your energy bills to rise. It also compromises your family's health. A screen door with a winter glass panel provides an extra layer of draft protection. EXPANDS YOUR SPACE Are you thinking about converting your garage into an extra living space? A garage door screen can help you do it. Retractable or magnetic screen doors keep the air flowing in your remodeled garage. They also keep the dirt out and prevent any unwanted visitors from entering. PROVIDES MORE LIGHT Natural light is a mood enhancer. It also provides your body with much-needed Vitamin D. A screen door protects your family from the doldrums by increasing the amount of sunlight. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND HOME WITH A SCREEN DOOR Protect your family from danger and illness with a screen door. Let the fresh air in during the warmer months. Keep the cold air out come winter. A screen door increases your peace of mind and quality of life. Make sure to keep it in great shape. Suburban Glass & Mirror offers Toronto residents expert screen door repair. We also handle commercial and residential glass repair. Call us today for more information.






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