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Glass adds to the look of a building. It has become a standard in commercial buildings to have the entire building covered in glass. The highly reflective surface blends into the surroundings and gives a surreal visual experience. This feature comes with a price – maintenance. Whether it is a residential or a commercial property, dirty windows look bad. If you are not aware of the proper cleaning methods, then cleaning glass can become a tedious task. Suburban Glass is an expert in the commercial glass industry. We have gathered the best window maintenance and cleaning tips below.

Follow These Tips to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro: Be gentle Glass scratches very easily, so don’t use forceful cleaning methods. Wash away any dust or debris before you wipe the windows down with a cleaning solution. Avoid using old clothes as they might have dust particles that could scratch the glass surface. Do not use high pressure water hoses on your windows; it might break the glass or cause water to seep inside the frames, neither of which is ideal for windows. Use a squeegee or a microfiber cloth for squeaky clean windows. Know your cleaning solutions Use the right cleaning agents. Cleaning agents containing hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid are corrosive to glass; use cleaning solutions that are specifically made for glass. Avoid using cleaning powders as they may cause scratches if the powder doesn't completely dissolve in the solution. Vinegar mixed with dish-washing detergent and distilled water could be used as an effective cleaning solution. Work smart Cleaning solution evaporates fast under direct sunlight, leaving streaks before you can get to wiping it down. So, pick a cloudy day or work around the sun, starting from the side where the windows are shaded. Clean the windows from the top to minimize effort. If you start from the bottom, the cleaning solution will trickle down and leave streaks as you move up. Don’t forget about the dust on your windowsills and frames. If the cleaning solution mixes with the dirt on your frames and window sills, it will coagulate into a sticky mess, undermining your efforts. Dust off and wash the frames and the windowsills and use cotton swabs to clean the corners. Take preventive measures Don’t stick anything on to glass; adhesive stains are not easy to remove and might cause scratches during removal. Cleaning methods used to remove paint or mortar deposits from glass often cause scratches; cover the windows during construction or renovation work. Condensation can damage your windowsills and frames, forcing you to replace the windows. Keep your home free of moisture and install a dehumidifier if necessary. Applying window tints will ensure that the windows don’t crack easily and avoid any scratches on the surface of the glass. Suburban Glass & Mirror Limited has over 50 years of experience in the commercial glass industry. We provide a variety of glass products and services such as glass installations and repairs throughout the GTA and Durham area. Read our blog to learn more about the glass industry. Contact us for any commercial glass services.






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