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Quality Custom Glass Products in Ajax

Add a unique twist to your Ajax and the GTA home or office with custom glass products. Suburban Glass & Mirror Ltd. personalizes your space with custom glass products and is also an authorized dealer for C.R. Laurence which gives us access to a wide range of specialty hardware.



It won’t be wrong to say that custom glass plays a huge role in enhancing or shaping a particular space. Use custom glass, and that place will become so much better. Custom glass from Suburban Glass & Mirror Ltd. can customize the following products such as:

  • Tables - It is perfection in the smallest of things that adds up to make a space that is truly exemplary in every sense of the word. Thus, we make custom glass tabletops for you. Whether it is a repair or you need a brand new glass tabletop, then we can do it for you. These custom glass tabletops reflect you through their unique, personalized design and also through their precise measurements that are perfect to the minutest of aspects.

  • Office Desks - Where you work should show who you are. So, we bring to you custom office desks which are sleek and have modern design. These office desks are truly unique, for they are designed just for you. Easy to clean, these custom office desks are made with accurate measurements. They blend in your workspace in such a smooth manner that it looks absolutely perfect , making  your workplace nice and convenient.

  • Fireplace Enclosures - Most fireplaces have a tempered glass attached to them which is used to form an enclosure for the fireplace. The tempered glasses used to enclose these fireplaces can withstand very high temperatures and, thus, are ideal for the job. We make glass customized for your fireplace which not only keeps you, your house and your fireplace space safe but also adds a unique personalized touch to it.

  • Opaque Privacy Fencing - If you want fencing that is unique and as beautiful as your garden and still offers privacy, then our opaque privacy fences are the perfect option for you. These fences are customized to suit your garden and compliment every inch of it. Additionally, they are adjusted to be opaque, thus offering you privacy along with an unmatched look and style.

Our experienced glass technicians in Ajax and the GTA can help bring your dreams into reality. To begin discussing what you can do with our custom glass options, we welcome both residential and commercial clients from areas throughout the GTA and Durham area. Contact us for more information on Suburban Glass & Mirror Ltd.


Fireplace enclosure


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