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Your Trusted Provider of Furniture Tops in Durham


It is perfection in the smallest of things that adds up to make a space that is truly exemplary in every sense of the word. Thus, we make custom glass tabletops for you. Whether it is a repair or you need a brand new glass tabletop, then we can do it for you. These custom glass tabletops reflect you through their unique, personalized design and also through their precise measurements that are perfect to the minutest of aspects.

The pristine goodness of glass and mirror furniture tops is classic and timeless. Suburban Glass & Mirror Ltd offers you a range of furniture tops, appropriate for application, either in new furniture or as a replacement. If you are looking to add new shelves or decorative panels to your commercial or residential space, you can’t go wrong with our high-quality furniture tops in Durham and the GTA. You can choose from an extensive selection of durable glass and mirror tops from some of the most trusted brands.


Durable and made to measure, furniture tops bring beauty and functionality to living and working spaces. It is important to ensure that the glass is both aesthetic and durable, and devoid of any chips or cracks. The skilled professionals at Suburban Glass & Mirror Ltd can help you select a furniture top that is perfectly and precisely cut, shaped and positioned as per your specific requirements.


Are you looking for new furniture or a way to spice up the existing one? Why not consider glass furniture for your living room, office, bedroom, or kitchen? Here are some of the benefits that glass furniture tops can provide:

  • Low maintenance Whether a spill or build-up of dust, all it takes is a wipe with a cloth to clean the top.

  • Creates an illusion of space If you want to open up a room and make it seem larger than it is, glass furniture tops are the go-to solution.

  • Protects the underlying table Many furniture tops are used as a surface over wood and other materials, as they protect the underlying table from any marks.

  • Creates an effortless display area You can arrange coffee books, albums, magazines, and other things that you would prefer your guests to see.

  • Ambiance in the light If you want to brighten a room, furniture tops can create a beautiful shimmer and sparkle when exposed to the sunlight.


Whether you're seeking a replacement top for a glass that is broken, cracked or chipped, or you want to enhance your home or business with modern styles, Suburban Glass & Mirror Ltd can help. We have the inventory, knowledge, and repair and installation expertise to simplify the process and get it done right. Our furniture tops available in Durham and the GTA are created with advanced machinery, precision and technique in all the right places. Also, the furniture tops we provide are made from high-quality glass sheets. To ensure the safety of our clients and employees, we take all the necessary safety precautions.


With options in glass thickness, edge finishing, tints and shapes, and more, we’re able to provide glass for any project.

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